So there’s this term that is incorrectly thrown around the media and used by manufacturers, the nasty word is DRONE, why?  Because it strikes fear into the ignorant, mostly after the term became known from Wars, AHEM… “Military actions”, using UN-piloted Air Vehicles. Which the public, having seen Terminator, freaked the F*** out about it…

Having been using remote and radio controlled toys and racers since I was young and scratch building a few real drones, I can tell you a Quad copter, particularly the POS ones you’re buying at Crap-mart for under a few hundred bucks are NOT DRONES!!!  They are nothing more than radio control toys…  A DRONE would have an autonomous function where you can put down the controller and it does something all by itself, like not crash…

A “Drone” is a UAV (Un-piloted Air Vehicle)  or a ULV (Land) (I don’t currently know the acronym for the amphibious kind is it also UAV?)   The important thing to note here is that UN-PILOTED/Unmanned  part…  If you can’t put down the controller and have it not crash, you DO NOT have a DRONE!!!  You have a Radio Controlled vehicle.

An assortment of REAL Drones: you may notice very few of them resemble what you may have come to know as a “Drone”.

(all images acquired from a google image search with “labeled for reuse” filter.)




NOT really Drones: Basically, if you paid less than $200 for it, it has no autonomous functionality. These are crappy toys, usually they cannot be repaired be ready to buy several of them.  I didn’t say they weren’t fun to mess around with though…  🙂





Could be Drones:

 Any  Damn  Thing   YOU   Want !!!



So Please let’s all stop panicking about “drones” and realize “drones” are not a problem, it’s the people flying their quad-copters too close to airports and near people windows. Because any ding-dong can pick up a quad-copter for $99.99 and be dumb with it.  This has hurt the Hobby community, who for well over 50 years has been driving and flying things both with, and without cameras on them, and no one had any problems with it…  Why? Because they were responsible people and you had to know what you were doing and spend some decent money to do it.


Now, who wants to build a quad-copter or a drone or an autonomous RC car?  Who wouldn’t!!! It’s easier and less expensive than you think.

  1. First things first, Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)  they are for more than flying, they connect you to a group of people who can assist and they are also attempting to look out for our rights as hobbyist’s. Membership comes with insurance to protect those around you and their property from your inevitable crashes.  Also join a local club, most require AMA membership as well. A local club will connect you with folks that have experience with all the things you want to do, and can teach you a  great deal.
  2. Figure out what you want to build.  I’ve found the folks at DIY drones a big help.
  3.  The basic outline of what you are gonna need to do:   


and it just got published by accident….   more to come…  perhaps this will become pat 1. LOL 😀